Likely IRS Audit Areas

IRS is flexing its muscle

According to, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) is scrutinizing groups of wealthier taxpayers for underreporting of income.  In fact, the IRS is showing far less sympathy than in the past few years and appears to be pursuing tax collection much more aggressively.

In an effort to decrease under-reporting of income this year, the IRS will begin reviewing credit card statements and cross-checking data against tax returns.  The IRS won’t limit its actions to only the wealthy……even small Schedule C  audits are worth it because everyone who knows the average-Joe being audited is more likely to comply with the rules in their tax return.

Some of the groups who are more likely to be audited by the IRS include:

•Taxpayers who own their own business

•Taxpayers with income of more than $200,000

•Taxpayers claiming refundable tax credits

•Taxpayers over reporting deductions

•Taxpayers with offshore accounts.

It is uncertain how long the IRS will, or can afford to, keep taking its aggressive approach.  Regardless, even in tough times being honest can payoff in the long run!

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